“Don’t sell me fear; sell me security!”

The Challenge:

Cyber threats change daily. The onus is on you to build strong defences, whilst the hackers just need to find one tiny flaw. It’s an asymmetric battle, but we don’t believe you should base your security on fear.

The point is to use your journey to a more secure environment as positive investment in your business. Increase security and boost confidence in your organisation and what you have to offer. Customers, suppliers, and stakeholders feel better about companies that do all they can to be as secure as possible. It’s not just your reputation, wealth and assets (both physical and intellectual) that are at stake: theirs are too.

The Bluefish Approach:

We start from the premise that each organisation is vulnerable. The point is to work out how and why. As your infrastructure and systems age and as new processes, applications and technologies are introduced, vulnerabilities appear. We find them.

It’s a positive approach. It tells you where you need to strengthen your organisation. It helps us put in place the defences you need to deflect attack, or minimise its effects when it happens. We also help you educate your people (often the weakest link in any defensive strategy) so that breaches through error can be minimised.

What We Deliver:

Most organisations don’t have enough people to manage their own security entirely. Why should they? We deploy experienced people to help select and build the right defences for you.

We supply a benefits analysis which shows where to focus your attention (and investment). We identify risks and quantify them in terms of impacts (financial, reputational, and competitive) and look at the compliance landscape too. We assess your readiness to transform your organisation to a more secure state and work out a plan that reflects your core objectives.