Project & Programme Management

“I want my project to stay on course and under control.”

The Challenge:

Projects often start out with definite objectives and clear parameters, but then mission-creep begins to develop and circumstances change and things don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to. That then creates uncertainties and confusion which always costs money. The optimism of the planning stage is soon lost and management spend time unravelling complexities.

The Bluefish Approach:

We work hard to ensure your project has the best chance of succeeding. That starts by working out clear objectives, understanding the risks associated with each stage of the project and determining exactly where you want to end up. That means understanding where you are now, what needs to change, and how best to change it.

Each project must be targeted at making your organisation more efficient and productive, and more  competitive and innovative. You need to have the right level of maturity in terms of your capabilities when you start so as to avoid going over budget or off course. And, most importantly, no project must get in the way of serving your customers. Staff at all levels need to be able to deliver your products and solutions at the right levels of service despite the change that’s going on around them. That takes careful planning and management.

What We Deliver:

We ensure you achieve the right levels of planning and constant quality management throughout the lifetime of a specific project or any number of them running in parallel. We carry out a detailed (and honest) assessment of your capabilities (human and technical) and provide a score that’s matched to your business model. We write a detailed report and presentation about what needs to be done and why, and then create the roadmap that will enable you to deliver the project successfully. Then we can manage it all for you, if you want us to.