Process Optimisation

“I want all my processes to be aligned so everything flows smoothly… and profitably.”

The Challenge:

Every organisation is the sum of its processes. If they’re misaligned then there are inefficiencies, costs and obstacles. People at all levels of the business get frustrated, core objectives become obscured, and it’s harder to be agile and competitive.

Most businesses develop in organic ways; their progress, especially in the early years, can be haphazard, with new processes being interwoven with more established ones. In the struggle to build an organisation it’s easy to overlook the initial problems and only notice them when things aren’t as good as they should be.

The Bluefish Approach:

We help ensure that all your processes work well, and interact with each other to create a smooth and focused path to success.

Our clients comes to us when they know there’s a problem – with quality or with customer service – and want us to have an independent view of their processes to find out where it’s not working properly.

We start by asking the obvious questions: what is your core business? Where do you want to be in the marketplace – high-end, middle market or value? What are your core processes and how do they function with others such as finance or sales or distribution and administration? Then we follow the path of your product or service from the beginning and track its progress through each process. We talk to people at all levels of your organisation and let them tell us what they think and how we can help.

What We Deliver:

It’s a three stage process: examination of your processes, discovery of what is happening and a report that includes recommendation for change. We can then manage that change for you. At Bluefish our people have hands-on business experience. They know their theory but they use their practical skills to uncover issues and then resolve them. And the team is always led by a senior consultant who sees the project through from beginning to end.