Managed Service

“I want to focus on what we do best and let the ICT experts manage everything else.”

The Challenge:

Managed Services is a broad and, frankly, overused term. It’s sometimes seen as a quick and easy answer. It isn’t. It has to be well thought through and strategically managed. At Bluefish we have the experience you need to make a success of any managed services arrangement.

The point is to ensure that your business as a whole is as effective and profitable as possible. Managed services, when implemented in the right way can help all kinds of organisations to improve service experience and simplify their management by cutting out the need of multiple vendors.

The Bluefish Approach:

We start by looking at simplifying and improving your service delivery experience. We work out how your resources can be focused on business growth by, for instance, adopting managed services to reduce costs and move people to a service provider. Then we find the right service-based model that will deliver the greater flexibility you need.

We could help by selecting the right partner to shape the evaluation process and/or support specific areas of the process, transforming your existing model. You can trust us to ensure that the agreement with them is set up correctly so that you actually get what you need going forward.

What We Deliver:

Our robust and proven methodology. It enables us to understand your current position and then build a strategic plan that covers all the options you need. We’ll help you decide whether the managed services route is the right one, then help you choose the right providers to deliver success. If you are already using managed services and believe that you could be getting more value from them we can help you improve the relationship.