“I need to be sure my organisation is on firm ground; now and into the future.”

The Challenge:

Your digital infrastructure is just as important as the foundations of your buildings and factories. It’s what binds your business together and gives you strength as a team. At Bluefish we have the experience and expertise to cut through the technological detail to understand the fundamentals that can make your organisation robust.

When it comes to networks and information and communications technologies, most organisations have been through a process of evolution, some of it rapid, some more organic (including mergers, acquisitions and technological change). Layer upon layer of change have created complexities and dead-ends that can impact business critical services. It can also give rise to unforeseen security risks that are exploitable by hackers.

The Bluefish Approach:

We know where to look. We know what’s at stake. So, we start by working out what you have and how it works (if it works). Who is providing the services you need – internal teams or a Managed Services provider? Are you running lots of legacy technology for which you’re still paying licencing agreements?

The right principles are vital. Infrastructure is there to hold your company up and keep it operating. Nothing must undermine that reality. You need real-time information to make your infrastructure robust and manage change intelligently.

What We Deliver:

We create a thorough inventory to show you what you have, what might be duplicated, what you can get rid of, and what you need to upgrade or replace. We bring clarity to the current state of your infrastructure so you can remove anything that stops you being efficient and effective.

Then we build on those foundations to create a plan that enables you to choose the right technologies and services or link up with the right Managed Services partners. That plan is aligned with your business profile and usually covers there important areas: the immediate risks you face and your short-term priorities; a summary of the management procedures and governance changes you need to move forward; and a comprehensive list of the technologies that will support the services appropriate to your business.