“ICT Projects make me nervous – help me relax.”

The Challenge:

Most IT projects are complex – and risky. We have the experience and expertise to help yours succeed. We do that making sure the entire business knows the objective and talks to each other before the project gets going.

In our experience that’s the most important part of the process: understanding the need for change and the impact it will have on all areas of the organisation. The days when IT operated as a silo are over. Now, entire organisations are built on technology. So, everyone has a stake in the success of an IT project. That means they need to have a voice too.

The Bluefish Approach:

We start conversations with everyone. We ensure the right people get together, at least once, in the same room. That helps every stakeholder feel as if they’re part of the process. They can understand each other’s objectives, challenges and ambitions.

That’s the best way to gain and maintain the positive momentum a project needs so that it’s delivered successfully – and on time. We look at all areas of your business so we can go beyond risk and identify (and communicate) the benefits everyone will reap. By creating a broad agreement amongst stakeholders and an understanding of their roles, the platform will not only be ready for execution, it will be better able to deliver your objectives.

What We Deliver:

A clear and compelling business case for change. We work out what you need to do, what needs to change, which technologies will deliver results based on your KPI’s, and go beyond hard benefits to soft ones, such as more valuable customer interactions and improved employee morale. We also help you deal with compliance and security issues too.

A strong plan, a decisive strategy, and good communication mean that everyone knows what is happening. That enables you to deliver meaningful change with low risk. Bluefish’s expertise helps you identify important short-term objectives and key milestone so deliver long-term success. The point is to ensure you make the right decisions at the right time so you achieve the right ROI on your IT.