Enterprise Applications

“How can we be as mobile as we need to be so we’re more productive and closer to our customers?”

The Challenge:

Mobility delivers control. Control improves effectiveness and employee morale which leads to better customer service. Satisfied customers are more loyal and spend more.

It’s a virtuous circle that only works if the technology is right. Effective mobility depends on applications that work seamlessly, securely, and support your core business objectives. The point is to get them right from the start.

Every organisation has the potential to boost its mobility and return value from the right apps. Add iOS and Android apps together and you get a number that’s rising close to 3 million. Whittle them down to enterprise focused applications and they still number in the thousands. Choosing the right portfolio of apps is critical to delivering enterprise mobility.

The Bluefish Approach:

At Bluefish we understand what you need to achieve your specific goals, so we make sure that your platforms and processes can support cutting edge mobility as well as be as secure as possible.

There’s no point bringing in apps that just won’t work with your existing systems. We help you develop the right apps and deploy them to the right devices (from smartphones to tablets). We also ensure that you can manage all those devices throughout their lifecycle; from security to updates, replacements and disposal. And in a world where bringing your own devices or apps is becoming standard, we help you manage that too.

We will help you with the transition to user adoption so that your people know how everything works, enabling them to be more effective day by day.

What We Deliver:

We produce a list of the apps you can choose from with detailed benefits of each of them. We demo the applications based on your processes, and help you build the business case which includes ROI. And we align your executives on all the possible outcomes and scope the steps that need to be taken. We provide all the information you need to make the right decision. Then work with you to ensure user adoption and manage the full lifecycle of applications across your business