Contact Centre

“I know my Contact Centre is important – I need to make it more effective.”

The Challenge:

Each contact centre is different. You need to tailor your solution to the specific needs of your people, your business and, most importantly, your customers. New entrants into your sector always have an advantage – they can deploy the latest technology fast because they have no legacy systems holding them back.

All organisations need to understand how their business processes work and how customers interact right now. Contact centres are the front line to customers, and are made up of interlocking people technology and processes. Getting all these working together while dealing with new ways of measuring success, new communication channels and ever more informed real challenges.

The Bluefish Approach:

Answering those questions requires hands-on experience. At Bluefish we have a team that’s been there and done that when it comes to contact centres.

We’re practical experts who have seen contact centres change over the years and know where the technology is heading. We also find out what customers want. And that’s the place you need to start. We’ll listen to what you need and then translate that into a complete plan that covers technology, training, and market needs.

What We Deliver:

We create a simple but robust roadmap that outlines when you need to invest and why, and then calculates the benefits to both your brand and your bottom-line.

We get you the right supplier to transform your contact centre capability, and help you manage the transition (in part, or in total), ensuring your current capability works whilst pushing ahead with more advanced technologies.