“I want to get real about Cloud – and get real benefits from it.”

The Challenge:

Cloud is not just one thing, but many elements that need to work together. They have to deliver tangible business benefits or it’s not worth doing. And, just as in nature, no two clouds are the same. Your cloud has to be built based on your needs. A move to the cloud has to be done with all the information you need and with a strategic mind-set.

The Bluefish Approach:

We don’t sell technology. We sell advice based on our knowledge, experience and expertise in making Cloud actually work for organisations. So, we start with simple questions: what is driving your interest in using cloud services? Is it a strategic move that will make your business work better, lower your costs, and make you more agile?

We provide you with a reality check: what are the obvious benefits – and what might be the more long-term strategic benefits of a move to the cloud? What are the impacts on your people, departments and customers? What are the risks? If you lost your data how might it be recovered? If your information got hacked what might be the regulatory fallout?

What We Deliver:

At Bluefish we give you the insights that enable you to build the business-case so you understand the technical and operational aspects, the impact on your stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers,) and the financial implications. What will it cost? What will it save? When will you see a return on your investment?

We work with you throughout the whole process. We flag up issues that have to be addressed, such as the legal implications of your data being held in servers in territories where the laws which govern it vary. Then we find you the right supplier or partner to work with.