Business Snapshot

“I need to know where we are – right now.”

The Challenge:

Understanding where your business is right now can help you identify the issues you may need to address, what can be dealt with quickly and easily, and what needs more in-depth work. It’s the best way to know what changes are needed and how to make it happen in the best way possible.

The Bluefish Approach:

At Bluefish we’ve developed a methodology that uses defined inputs to generate specific outputs. Clients use it to find the battles they must fight and win in the short-term so that they can strengthen their ability to be agile in a fast changing environment.

The snapshot illuminates the areas that need more investment, or areas that might be undermining your productivity or the effectiveness of your workforce. It will show you what opportunities you can exploit and how to make the most of them.

It gives a solid foundation on which you can base your thinking and your investment planning. We will provide a good, clear understanding of the risks involved in any change and how to mitigate them effectively.

Bluefish could even help you further by focusing the snapshot on specific areas of your business, or provide a bigger picture of your entire organisation.

What We Deliver:

One price equals a thorough and revealing report, and we work to a set timeframe.

We will run a workshop with your key stakeholders to share insights and raise issues. We then produce a summary report that focuses on the state of play, what needs to be adapted, the benefits you’ll get from the outputs and what you need to do next.