Business Change Programs

“We need to change – but it can’t slow us down while it’s happening.”

The Challenge:

At Bluefish we have years of experience in keeping organisations on track whilst they undergo vital transitions and transformations. Changing the tools people use each day has a big impact on their productivity and morale – and that’s a priority for every organisation.

The Bluefish Approach:

Our aim is a simple one: to take your business from the state it’s in now to a better one in a safe, predictable and reliable way. We do that by focusing on the fundamentals: your people, processes and tools.

Our advice is based on proven methodology that helps you make the business case for change, plan it properly, understand the impacts, risks and outcomes, and then put together the right toolkit to implement it successfully. Our experience has helped clients accelerate change and yield benefits earlier to boost ROI.

What We Deliver:

We look at all the aspects of change that to apply to each of them. Change always has an impact on people and how they work and interact. We help you manage moving people from one place to another or from one role to another.

We examine your processes and how they need to change. Then we look at the impact that change will have on interconnected processes to ensure that changing one part doesn’t slow down another. It’s also vital that your suppliers and customers are part of the equation. Any change has to make dealing with you easier and more rewarding for them.

We work out which tools you need to add to existing processes, and what can be replaced, modified or left alone.