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“As a leading organisation providing software-based enterprise-class unified communications, we faced an increase in client projects that stretched resources meaning that projects were not delivered on time and to budget”


– An increase in client projects meant that organisation resources were stretched
– It was impossible for the internal team to deliver projects on time and to budget


– Bluefish provided an innovative solution to the £multi-million issue
– The solution enabled a flexible outsourcing resource to be introduced to manage the seasonal peaks and troughs in delivery requirement


– Bluefish delivered a controlled and structured environment in which the client could visibly and systematically recognise the customer and internal benefits
– The PMO ensured a central, efficient structure that was focussed on driving a quality service


– Service levels and communications were improved through central PMO function, enhancing governance and change control
– A rate card cost structure and time tracking system was introduced allowing full transparency of costs incurred, realising a 20% saving


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