When we recruit people we’re very upfront about what we’re after. We say, ‘We don’t employ average – you’ve got to believe you’re great to work with us.’ It’s up-front but it sums up what we’re about. That’s how we built this team.

Working with clients last year, our people enabled:

Over 100,000 Unified communication seats.
Over 15,000 contact centre agents.
Business transformation of 10 FTSE clients in 2014/15.
Secured countless organisations against security vulnerabilities.
Defined the communications strategy for 7 FTSE companies.
Made Lync voice a reality for business.


Bluefish is the sum of its people. We don’t have any secret software or racks of servers that compute the solutions to the needs of our clients. It’s all pure brain power mixed with a lot of deep experience in the words of business, commerce, technology and both public and private sectors.

of Bluefish employees hold a degree
of our consultants hold vendor accreditation
have an MA, MSc or MBA
of our staff have an industry recognised qualification


The Bluefish team is highly educated – almost 90% of them have degrees – and they can boast an alphabet soup of qualifications across all technical, business and academic subjects. But education doesn’t deliver excellence. Experience, attitude and hard work do.

The fact that our team is growing in all the right ways proves that we’re rich in those attributes. We’re heading for 400 employees, but most importantly, the work they do is growing fast. In the end, that’s the bottom line. What we do for you delivers a positive return on your investment in Bluefish.