At Bluefish we see technology as an enabler of change.
We work with you to match your vision to the technology that will help you fulfil it.

At Bluefish we’re clear about what we are: we’re consultants in the true sense of the word. We initiate a process that thrives on opinion and vision. We offer advice based on broad experience, devise solutions and bring them to fruition whilst mediating their merits and outcomes.

What’s different about Bluefish is our attitude. We always start with honest conversations. We don’t try to fit them into pre-determined processes.

We’re big and experienced enough to have the skills and insights needed for all kinds of projects but we’re also small and flexible enough to guarantee a tailored approach to each client’s needs. That gives us the freedom to talk about anything and everything without preconceptions or restraint.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.  Each conversation is unique.

Bluefish and Vodafone

Our relationship with Vodafone gives us access to the communications technologies which are transforming the way we all live and do business. For example, Vodafone’s Total Communications offering provides an environment that delivers transparent and deep communications which transcend technological barriers so that employees, customers and stakeholders can work together naturally and effortlessly.

Vodafone’s global experience in enabling people to work anywhere and everywhere, and collect and share data from people and machines to deliver unique analytical insights, underpins each one of our conversations with you, helping you become what Vodafone call a ‘Ready Business.’


Bluefish is the sum of its people. We don’t have any secret software or racks of servers that compute the solutions to the needs of our clients. It’s all pure brain power mixed with a lot of deep experience in the words of business, commerce, technology and both public and private sectors.

of Bluefish employees hold a degree
of our consultants hold vendor accreditation
have an MA, MSc or MBA
of our staff have an industry recognised qualification

Latest Case Studies

Every sector is experiencing rapid change and we’re having conversations with organisations determined to stay ahead of change, and ensure they have the right technologies, people and processes to thrive whatever happens.


We’re a dynamic team that works hard and enjoys the intellectual challenge of giving our clients excellent advice which works. Interested? View the roles we are currently hiring for.